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Automotive Connect 2020

Full program: PDF


The automotive industry as a whole continues to be affected by the digitalisation of its manufacturing processes. Beyond this, some industry players are affected at most by Brexit, the trade wars and similar external factors, whereas others must also navigate the transition from long established, successful technologies and business models and re-invent themselves in a technology and business environment that has completely transformed.

The “Automotive Connect 2020” will explore these topics in-depth and provide solution approaches through a mix of presentations, panel discussions and fireside chat-style discussions. Legal experts and industry representatives will share insights into the opportunities and challenges for the automotive supply chain at the crossroads of new/disruptive technologies, increasing regulation and changing business models.

Monday, 14 September 2020

19:00 „Get-together“

  • „Get-together“ at the typical Frankfurt restaurant „Ebbelwoi Unser"

    (Abtsgäßchen 8, 60594 Frankfurt/Main)

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

08:30 Registration

09:15 Welcome and introduction

09:30 Recent Developments Regarding OEMs‘ Purchasing Terms in Europe

  • ● Trends regarding new clauses in purchasing terms across Europe and their impact on suppliers
    ● Highlights of new clauses
    ● From litigation to arbitration
    ● Using Swiss law instead of German law


  • Bird & Bird

10:15 From Telecoms to Automotive: Patent Wars and the Resulting Risks for Suppliers

  • ● New players make new rules: how the communication industry changed the power
       play in the automotive industry
    ● Supply chain 4.0: Patents, standards and the risk of an injunction
    ● OEMs now under attack – the risks for suppliers
    ● Making new FRANDS with the OEMs


  • Bird & Bird

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Brexit, Trade Barriers and Tariff Wars: Effects on the Supply Chain

  • ● Update on Brexit
    ● Trade Barriers and Tariff Wars: How concerned should you be?
    ● Supply chain crisis or opportunity?


  • Bird & Bird

11:50 China Update: New Market Opportunities

  • ● Recent regulatory developments, in particular regarding connected vehicles and smart cities
    ● Liberalization of investment laws
    ● Statutory changes expected for 2020


  • Bird & Bird

12:10 Supply Chain Issues in Times of an Economic Downturn

12:30 Keynote: What Keeps a Supplier’s In-House Counsel Awake at Night?

13:00 Networking Lunch

14:00 Digitalization and the Supply Chain

  • Panel discussion on the digitalization of production processes covering in particular:

    ● Industrie 4.0 / Smart Factory
       ● How to protect your trade secrets in an integrated, digitalized manufacturing environment?
       ● Challenges under the GDPR

    ● AI & Blockchain & Digital twins
       ● New paradigms of manufacturing design
       ● Who is liable if things go wrong?


  • Bird & Bird

14:40 Free and Open Source Software: Challenges for the Automotive Supply Chain

  • ● Suppliers’ contractual duties towards OEMs to accept FOSS responsibilities
    ● Managing FOSS compliance requirements in practice
    ● Managing liability and recourse options


  • OpenChain Project at the Linux Foundation

15:40 Insurance in Times of Disruptive Technologies

16:10 Autonomous, Connected and Electric Vehicles – Legal Challenges Facing Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • ● Supply chain liability and data exploitation in the context of connected and autonomous vehicles
    ● Functions/services on demand
    ● Regulatory and legal challenges for manufacturers of electric vehicles across Europe


  • Bird & Bird
    Bird & Bird

16:50 Automotive Data: A Series of Quick Updates on Developments in Key Jurisdictions

  • Moderator: Dr. Alexander Duisberg, Partner, Bird & Bird, Munich


    ● Connected cars and personal data

       ● Recent guidance from European data protection authorities
       ● Who’s who in data protection terms in the eco-system of connected vehicles
         (controller vs processor)?
       ● Why this is not just about GDPR: the role of the ePrivacy framewor

              Gabriel Voisin, Partner, Bird & Bird, London


    ● Status of discussions on EU regulation and the application of competition law regarding access
        to in-vehicle data

       Anne Federle, Partner, Bird & Bird, Brussels


    ● Developments in France:

       ● The CNIL “compliance package”
       ● Ownership of data: the French approach
       ● Access to technical and environmental data: solutions under the “New Mobilities Act”

       Stéphane Leriche, Partner, Bird & Bird, Paris


    ● Data Trading in the era of China‘s Cyber Security Law

       Serena Du, Senior Associate, Bird & Bird, Shanghai


  • Bird & Bird
    Bird & Bird
    Bird & Bird
    Bird & Bird

17:50 Concluding Remarks

18:00 Networking drinks